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Julie Grossman -- Ron Kroese -- Megan O'Hara

Renee Pardello -- Jan Joannides -- Kate Clancy -- Gigi DiGiacomo

Jim Riddle -- Luanne Lohr -- Douglas Tiffany -- Beth Waterhouse

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Julie Grossman

Co-design of Adaptable Learning Outcomes for Sustainable Food Systems Undergraduate Education

Ron Kroese

National Sustainable Agriculture Oral History Archive

Megan O'Hara

A Guide to Regulations for Local Food Entrepreneurs

Renee Pardello

Update on the Moroccan Collaborative

Morocco and Minnesota Together (again)

Presentations by Moroccan scientists visiting the University of Minnesota:

Framework for an enhanced collaborative partnership U of MN - IAV Hassan II Sustainable Agriculture Systems
(PDF, 2.1 Mb); by Fatema Mosseddaq

Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture de Meknès -- National School of Agriculture of Meknès
(PDF, 1.7 Mb); by Hakima Bahri

Dr. Rachid Bouabid
(PDF, 1.7 Mb)

"Snapshot Morocco" Photo Tour
(PDF, 7.1 kb); by Rachid Bouabid

Moroccan camels, saddled and waiting Moroccan goats grazing up in a tree Alley cropping in Morocco: wheat between rows of trees planted small fields in Morocco flock of sheep grazing in Morocco

Jan Joannides

Minnesota Meat & Poultry Producer Survey Report. 2015.

Consumer Interest in Locally Raised Meats in Northern Minnesota. 2015.

Local Food Systems as Regional Economic Drivers In Southern Minnesota. 2012.

Kate Clancy

Grassfed Beef: Benefits and Opportunities (PDF, 457 kb)

Gigi DiGiacomo

Northeast Region--Minnesota Grocery Store Demand for Local, Organic Farm Products (PDF, 426 kb)

Northwest & West Central Regions--Minnesota Grocery Store Demand for Local, Organic Farm Products (PDF, 451 kb)

Southeast Region--Minnesota Grocery Store Demand for Local, Organic Farm Products (PDF, 436 kb)

Presentation: Grocery Store Survey of Organic Food Purchases (PDF, 2.4 Mb)

Poster: Grocey Store Survey of Organic Food Purchases (PDF, 244 kb)

Poster Abstract (MS Word document)

Report on Minnesota Farmers' Organic Marketing Practices (PDF, 983 kb)

Jim Riddle

Best Management Practices for Producers of GMO and Non-GMO Crops: A Plan for Co-Existence (PDF, 81 kb)

Organic Livestock Research Survey -- full report (PDF, 311 kb)

Organic Livestock Research Survey -- summary (PDF, 23 kb)

Getting Organic Certification

Risks of Organic vs. Conventional Foods

Organic Pet Foods

Mad Cow Disease Questions and Answers

Why Eat Organic Meat?

Luanne Lohr

Improving Extension Effectiveness for Organic Clients: Current Status and Future Directions (PDF, 805 kb)

Organic Pest Management Decisions: A Systems Approach (PDF, 136 kb)

Promoting Sustainable Insect Management Strategies: Learning from Organic Farmers (PDF, 123 kb)

The Importance of the Conservation Security Act to U.S. Competitiveness in Global Organic Markets (PDF, 43 kb)

Douglas Tiffany

The Growth of Alternative Fuels: Minnesota and U.S. Perspectives (PDF)

Biodiesel: A Policy Choice for Minnesota (PDF)

Beth Waterhouse

Time, Soil, and Children: Conversations with the Second Generation of Sustainable Farm Families in Minnesota

Cornelia Flora

Minnesota Government Policies

Measuring the Impact of Parental Education

Extension and Place: Reducing Transaction Costs for Better Communities

James Van Der Pol

Report to the Endowment

Presentations by Endowed Chairs

Biodiesel: A Policy Choice for Minnesota? by Douglas Tiffany

Agricultural Energy: Understanding Usage. Anticipating Policy Directions. by Douglas Tiffany

Growth and Change in U.S. Organic Food Markets, by Luanne Lohr



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