Current Endowed Chairs

Beth Dooley is researching and developing a cookbook, The Perennial Kitchen, to illuminate the work of the Forever Green Initiative. She is focusing on the work to improve soil fertility, stem erosion, and mitigate climate change. She will also examine the development of perennial crops (i.e. Kernza, flax, sunflowers, hazels.) As she develops the stories she will share what she is learning through her current media outlets (Star Tribune, MPR, KARE 11-TV, and others.) October 2018 through May 2020.

George Boody is conducting an examination of what it would take to enable people to create new managed rotational grazing operations, possibly with beginning farmers, in row crop areas where there are few such operations or none now. To explore this question, he proposes to conduct a preliminary feasibility study focused on: on-farm economic of pasture development on poorly performing row crop fields; on-farm infrastructure and herd costs; needed general infrastructure such as veterinarians; cultural barriers; social support systems; conservation payments or cost share; and willingness. He has identified an appropriate Advisory Committee. July 2019 through September 2020

Julie Grossman is developing cultural sensitivity activities for the future sustainable food and agriculture workforce in Minnesota. To accomplish this she intends to develop a brown bag lunch series of conversations to help UMN students develop skills to work with diverse populations of farmers and develop relationships with farmer-advocacy organizations. Students are the primary audience but the sessions would be open to all. She would also like to supervise 3 internship opportunities for students to work alongside immigrant farmers and organizations providing immigrant farmer advocacy. And she would like to identify at least 5 service-learning opportunities for UMN students. January 2020 through December 2020.


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