Local Food Fact Sheets for Farmers & Food Entrepreneurs


FINAL Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet Title: Download PDF
Selling Your Minnesota Poultry Products poultry_factsheet_092116_FINAL
Selling Your Minnesota Shell Eggs eggs_factsheet_092116_FINAL


Drafts of Fact Sheets for Review

Fact Sheet Topic: Reviewed by: Download Word .docx
Red Meat Levi Muhl
John Mitterholzer
Produce Val Gamble locally_grown_produce_061716
Water Jerry Smith
Val Gamble
Sarah Leach
Katherine Simon
Licensing and
LFAC LFAC_aggregation_licensing
Farmers' Market Aggregation

Val Gamble
Sara George


Working with Inspector MISA staff
RTC staff
Working with Food Business MISA staff
RTC staff

Development of these fact sheets is a project initiated by Minnesota Farmers Market Association and Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, and is connected to the work of the Local Food Advisory Committee.

Regulatory staff from the Dairy and Food Inspection Division, Minnesota Department of Agriculture; and the Environmental Health Division, Minnesota Department of Health; provided information and assisted with development and review of these documents. These documents are not official publications of the above named agencies.