Current Endowed Chairs

The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture is pleased to announce the appointment of four people to the School of Agriculture Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems for 2013.

Megan O’Hara will be working to identify and document market sector issues associated with regulations. She will be developing a series of case studies that identify regulatory challenges for farms and farmers markets, restaurants and delis, and small food processors and manufacturers. Megan has been a leader of Homegrown Minneapolis, was a founding member of the Mill City Farmers’ Market, and was a partner in developing “Roots for the Home Team” a youth garden collaborative salad cart at Target Field.

Angie Tagtow will take the lead organizing role to develop Standards of Professional Performance for Registered Dieticians in Sustainable, Resilient & Healthy Food and Water Systems. Additionally, she will work with University of Minnesota Extension’s local food systems educators to support a coordinated public health approach to community food system networks. Tagtow is the founder and managing editor of the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition and has worked extensively with regional food and farming coalitions, not-for-profit organizations, professional organizations, government agencies and universities to provide community assessments and engagement.

Renee Pardello is Assistant Dean, University of Minnesota Extension. In her time in the Chair, she will work to develop research,education and rural advisory and extension linkages between the University of Minnesota and Morocco faculty and graduate students at the Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, Hassa II (IAV), the national School of Agriculture (ENA) and the Rural Tourism Network in Morocco. Working with Pardello will be Dr. Hakima Bahri, Professor at ENA and UMN Alumni; and Ms. Zebakh Sanaa, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Development at the IAV and responsible of the development of partnership with several countries and institutions.

Rob Myers is the Regional Coordinator and Director for the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Professional Development Program, and is an adjunct faculty member of the Plant Sciences Division at the University of Missouri in Columbia. In his time in the Chair, Dr. Myers will work with members of the Green Lands, Blue Waters initiative to explore options to increase continuous living cover options on farms including cover crops and other conservation plantings.

To reach any of the Chair holders or for more information, please contact the MISA office: misamail@umn.edu, 612-625-8235 or toll free 800-909-MISA (6472).


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