Will Allen and Seitu Jones

Urban Agricultural Connections

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Urban Agricultural Connections Seminar Series

Will Allen and Seitu Jones worked together in the Endowed Chair to execute a series of monthly seminars that focused on “…the historical involvement and contributions of people of color to agricultural philosophy and practice, as well as contemporary examples of the emerging character and nature of many voices in the sustainable agriculture movement.”

Will Allen is the CEO of Growing Power Inc. of Milwaukee, a non-profit training center for methods in urban agriculture and building community food security systems. Will grew up on a farm and still operates a farm of his own outside of Milwaukee. A McArthur Fellow, Will focuses on innovating methods of increasing food yields even in very small areas.

Tenure: April 2011 – May 2012

Seitu Jones received both his BS in Landscape design and his MLS in Environmental History from the University of Minnesota. A founder of Environmental Advocates of Minnesota and AfroEco, he currently lives in Frogtown where he focuses his efforts on bringing healthy foods into the neighborhood by creating community gardens and leading an effort to bring 1000 trees to Frogtown.

Tenure: April 2011 – May 2012


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